SEKIRO - Fushigiri Katana - 1095 FULL TANG

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Die zweite Hauptwaffe in Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice, The Mortal Blade, auch bekannt als Fushigiri, ist ein FULL TANG Katana, kampfbereit. Wird aus Europa verschickt

Material: 1095er Stahl mit hohem Kohlenstoffgehalt
Länge: +/-105cm
Voller Tang




Durch Dennis

Got to sweden in 2.5 days.
Nice red and black shades in the blade.
Comes with a wooden box and a wooden display stand.
Not 100% lore accurate, but 95% accurate, and it's amazing in person.

If you're interested in a mortal blade replica, this is an amazing option!

Geschrieben am 31-08-2022
Durch Stefano Forte

Das Schwert ist einfach der Hammer!!! Ich war am Anfang skeptisch aber es ist ieden Cent Wert, ichh zu werde mir noch die Hauptwaffe von Sekiro kaufen. Total Problemlose und nette Kommunikation wegen fehlendem Metallschild bei meinem infinity gauntlett, kann es nur hier empfehlen :-)

Geschrieben am 27-06-2022
Durch Larry Hesser

This was a super purchase, great sword and good workmanship ! A properly beautiful Katana. Very happy with it

Geschrieben am 18-05-2021
Durch Alexander M.

The sword is perfect. The quality is high, the seller is very welcoming, the communication is great. I bought 4 Swords from this store and I'm planning to buy others to complete my collection. I highly recommend the seller and the product!

Geschrieben am 11-05-2021
Durch Vincent M.

Every detail matches perfectly the in-game appearance. The leather handle is soft-touch and still very resistant, the whole sword is heavy and nicely balanced, but the best part is the blade.
The latter doesn't quite matches the picture from this website, it's actually much more beautiful. The red is deep, without orange or yellow and all the contrast comes from the orientation-dependent reflectiveness of the red parts, enhanced by the black portions which are smoothly spread all over the blade.
Truly an amazing design and an incredible craft.

Geschrieben am 03-05-2021
Durch Silvia

Heavy sword, great detail, have bought already several sword here but this one is from high quality steel, you can feel the diffirence. Comes with a realy nice decoration wooden box ! fantastic!

Geschrieben am 20-04-2021
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