GAME OF THRONES - Sword of Jon Snow 2 - Longclaw

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Longclaw is a steel sword that was the ancestral weapon of House Mormont for five centuries. When Lord Jeor Mormont retired from his lordship to take the black and command the Night's Watch, he passed it to his son and heir, Ser Jorah Mormont. When Jorah went into exile after trying to sell some poachers into slavery, he left the sword and Ser Jeor Mormont's sister returned it to him on the Wall.

Years later, Jeor gave Longclaw to Jon Snow as a reward for saving his life from a wight. Before giving it to Jon he had the pommel remade, replacing the bear with a direwolf, the sigil of House Stark.

- Length: +/- 110 cm
- Material: Stainless Steel
- Comes with a wooden plaque.
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.


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By Roger

Got the sword in 3 days! Came in a sturdy box with a lot of tape:) very wel packed and the sword is great! Perfect! Also the wallmount is easy to fix. Its hanging now in my mancave. When will you have aryas needle back in stock? An overall 12/10 for this store! Great quality for low price!

Posted on 20-04-2020
By Sonnert

Great replica, good weight. Also the head of the sword is nicely made. Wooden plaque is nice extra.
Service is very good here, i mailed for a orderconfirmation and David told me it was in spamfolder, so look out for that, thank you for letting me know

Posted on 11-04-2020
By Eoin Fitzgerald

First sword I've ever bought and super happy with it. Only took a week to get here (Ireland) and it's a really cool sword the thank note was a classy touch and convinced me to order something else...though I didn't need much convincing.

Posted on 30-01-2020
By ben ooft

Nice detail on the sword especially for that price I’m very happy with it

Posted on 09-05-2019
By Jacob Hertzberg

Ich habe alle Teile von GOT gesehen!
ich musste dieses teil einfach kaufen

die qualität ist einfach viel besser als erwartet und die lieferung war sehr schnell
werde hier mehr GOT zeugs kaufen!


Posted on 20-10-2018
By Ian McIlroy

Very happy with this sword I definitely recommend to any G.O.T fans.

Posted on 06-09-2018
By Fred Fisher

Very happy with this item! Nice wear effect on the guard and pommel, shiny blade with a lovely finish! Definitely recommended!

Posted on 20-08-2018
By R.B, Netherlands

Wat een Prachtig zwaard! Best sword ever! Hartelijk dank voor de snelle levering.

Posted on 06-07-2018
5 stars based on 8 reviews
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