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The Dark Repulser is a sword forged by Lisbeth from Crystallite Ingot, a rare mineral in the world of SAO. Crystallite can only be found in the dragon's lair, hence the risks and rewards for defeating a dragon. Kirito wielded this awesome beast of a sword throughout the 1st season of the anime and manga series. This version is black and has some silver and white to match the Elucidator sword, also carried by Kirito.

It is a perfect carbon steel cosplay replica with unsharpened edge and comes with a free leather sheath and strap. Massive in size, the sword has an aura about it that unfolds the imagination. A shiny blue gem is located on both sides of the sword. Most intriguing is the level of detail in the paint work. Each little detail is executed with precision and using automotive-quality paints to produce this striking replica sword. Comes with a wooden sheath.

- Length: +/-107 cm
- Material: Metal, Steel
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.


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By riua j.

Heavy, sturdy, AMAAAZING quality!

Posted on 24-07-2020
By Marco

liabe griaß as österrach,

i schau jetzan scho anime fia a längare zoat und i hob mi jetzan ah entschiedn moi wos zu kaufn und hab mia docht a schwert warat schon nice
und joa i bin a ziemlich großer sao fan und zua neichn season hob i mia unbedingt dieses hier kaufen miasn

daugt ma foi

ois supa, hob a kane beschwerdn

Posted on 15-06-2019
5 stars based on 2 reviews
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