ALICE MADNESS - Vorpalklinge - Messer von Alice

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Die Vorpal-Klinge ist Alice Liddells wichtigste und berühmteste Waffe auf ihrer Reise ins Wunderland.


- Replikat des Küchenmessers im Horrorspiel Alice Madness Returns

- Standard enthalten

- Länge: +/- 48 cm

- Material: Metall

- Alle in diesem Shop gekauften Schwerter haben stumpfe Klingen.





Durch Nelly

Love the engravings and the detailed brass handle. It is pretty heavy, heavier then you think it would be for such a knife.

Geschrieben am 08-02-2024
Durch Maria G.

Meets all my expectations. Delivery within a few days. Thanks

Geschrieben am 10-10-2023
Durch Luca

It is seriously cool! very sleek design. I am a fan of Alice so I am happy I got this.

Geschrieben am 16-06-2023
Durch Villeman

This is actually insane!!! It is soooo awesome, extremely well made. I almost can’t explain how good this replica is. I actually cried when I saw it it. I love the games about Alice. Just sooo goood!!!

Geschrieben am 31-07-2022
Durch Elin

Absolutely gorgeous! Thought it might look a bit cheap and tacky but it looks so good and so similar to the game!

Geschrieben am 12-05-2022
Durch Stephanie

It arrived quickly and it looks amazing! Just like in the game. It's perfect!

Geschrieben am 31-12-2020
Durch charlie spraggs

these guys amazing i was hesitant at first but I'm blown away the item just arrived and the pics don't do it justice there custermer service is amazing the best iv ever had from any online retailer great job guys keep it up

Geschrieben am 27-07-2020
Durch charlie spraggs

I have nothing but good things to say about these guys I was talking through email and they answered my questions and made sure I knew what I was buying there custermer service is the best iv ever had from any online retailer I bought the Alice madness blade for my gf as she is a massive fan when my package arrived i was more then blown away the pics don't do it justice on the website don't hesitate pull the trigger on it great job guys

Geschrieben am 27-07-2020
Durch Connor

Other reviews had me thinking this was to good a find to be true, being cheaper than other sites and having no complaints at all but it relay lives up to expectation and has EXCELLENT customer service.

Geschrieben am 08-05-2020
Durch Alfred Clifton

The blade however with an unsharpened edge is beautiful and very good quality looks amazing on display 10/10

Geschrieben am 19-03-2020
Durch Daniel McCabe

Delighted with the blade & the detail & craftsmanship that went into it. Delivery was fast & communication from seller was brilliant in regards order status. It has a great weight to it & it is my second purchase as a gift for Christmas. Will definitely be purchasing for my own collection again.

Geschrieben am 09-12-2019
Durch Mat

Fast delivery and what a beautiful blade! Its a large item for a knife, has a good weight, the design on the blade and handle has been done well. Definitely an item to be put on show.

Geschrieben am 13-10-2019
Durch Helena

Omg, opening this is like a dream come true it's beautiful, it's hudge and it makes me feel like Alice ! I'm going to take some beautiful photos with this gorgeous knife !

Thank you otaku ninja hero for making my gaming dream a reality !

Geschrieben am 20-08-2019
Durch Eva Flesichman

Gefällt mir absolut!
Ich überlege ob ich mir ein zweites kaufen soll und es schärfen, damit ich damit kochen kann ;D

Geschrieben am 30-04-2019
Durch Ruairidh

Breathtakingly beautiful, it's larger and heavier than I thought it would be, it's more like a machete than a knife and the details are gorgeous. Just the curves and engravings on the actual handle are enough to die for. If I had any criticisms, it would be the cello-tape over the box itself, it's faded my cover art a bit and I think the display stand for the blade is a little wobbly.

Excellent delivery, very impressed with the sturdy packaging. Five stars through and through.

Geschrieben am 10-04-2019
Durch Howard

Very beautiful design on the blade and handle, and authentic to the weapon in the game. Also faste delivery, and very helpful staff. I've already made another purchase and will no doubt buy more :)

Geschrieben am 06-04-2019
Durch Glenn

Fast delivery ! Very satisfied about everything. Perfect for my Halloween party. The knife is really nice with lots of details.

Geschrieben am 01-11-2018
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