FATE STAY NIGHT - Archer - Yin Yang Blades

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Buy a sword display holder (1 layer) ?

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€ 179,98

The weapon of Archer from the Anime series “Fate Stay Night” are the Yin Yang blades. They are made out of high-quality metal. +/-65cm. Replica.

Set of 2 swords

Length: +/- 65cm

The Yin Yang Swords wielded by Archer from the anime Fate Stay Night

Highly Detailed

Material: Steel

All items purchased from this shop are not sharp and for decorational/cosplay purpose only




Durch Tony Verstappe

Heavier then expected and beautifully detailed painting on the blades. Recommend!

Geschrieben am 15-04-2020
Durch Ryan Terry

I will keep this review short and sweet. Archer's blades feel great to hold and the quality of them is great. The covers that come with them work great as well for carrying them. They also have a good weight to them so if that's something your interested in then they are a good pick. That's all I'll say for these great blades.

Geschrieben am 11-11-2019
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