THE WITCHER 3 - Sword of Geralt of Rivia - Human Steel Sword 3

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The Human steel sword of Geralt of Rivia from the popular game/series The Witcher.

Material: High quality stainless steel and leather sheath.
Length: +/- 126cm
not sharp

All items purchased from this shop are not sharp and for decorational/cosplay purpose only




Door Jonathan Kisner

First time buying swords, and I gotta say I was very happy with my purchases, bought a total of 3 Witcher swords from you guys. Great quality, no issues, and well worth the price. Awesome!

Geplaatst op 18-08-2020
Door Kyle

Words can’t do it justice, looks absolutely beautiful and feels great.

It arrived early and was packed very securely.

I can’t wait to buy many more swords from here!!!

Geplaatst op 07-08-2020
Door Lism

The pictures here do not do it justice. Beautiful piece I love it can't wait to order more from here

Geplaatst op 16-05-2020
Door Autumn

Just received my new sword today and absolutely couldn’t wait to get it!
It’s really heavy, awesome quality and absolutely fabulous!

All is very detailed, nothing is left amiss. True to the real sword.

Geplaatst op 30-04-2020
Door Marvin Risse

the sword is very nice and detailed, completely made of steel and the staff on the website are very nice and polite and kindly sent a code so I can see where the packet is again thanks to David

Geplaatst op 13-01-2020
Door Samuél

Great craftsmanship,scabbard is very good quality, well worth the buy

Geplaatst op 03-01-2020
Door John

Didn’t know what to expect when ordering this.

Took 3 days to arrive in the UK from Belgium, didn’t have to pay any import charges and cost £120 in total (including delivery)

The sword is fantastic! The pommel, crossguard and blade are all metal with the handle being a comfy material to hold. Has a lot of weight to it aswell!

The scabbard is also fantastically detailed and holds the sword incredibly well to the point it’s difficult to actually get it out sometimes!

Highly highly highly recommend!

Geplaatst op 31-12-2019
Door Sorin

Great quality replica sword!

My mind was blown when i saw the detail when i unboxed this sword and after holding it and swinging it around a bit i can say that it has good weight and is very robust. Wouldn't recommend actually using it for sparing or hitting things with it as it is a stainless steel decorative sword.

I can definitely recommend this sword to any collector! 10/10

Geplaatst op 31-10-2019
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