THOR - Mjolnir Hammer - Full METAL Hammer

A life sized Thor Hammer! In Norse mythology, the name of the hammer is Mjölnir. Ideal prop / collectors item for all Thor fans.
This metal Mjolnir, is as life like as it gets! Constructed in metal from the handle to the hammer head, this replica weighs in at a whopping 4 KG!

Material: Metal
Hammer weight: 4.15 kg
Total Length: 44cm
Width: 22cm
Depth: 14cm




Door Gabriel

I was VERY reluctant to order this because buying things online can leads to unwanted surprises (to say the least), and I did not know what the outcome would be, which is only fair to say.
Having said that, I had to take the time to commend the seller and the Item.
This looks and feels great, the photos on this site don't do it justice. The finish is not that bright and reflective, as per the photos, nor should it be. You will find manually made wear an tear that give it a more realistic look, which is also great.
Careful not to hurt yourself when you swing it, it is heavy, I mean it. If you have weak wrists or recent injuries you'd do better to be careful.
Remember, if you break things around your house, that's on you :)
Overall great replica. If you want this for yourself or as a gift to someone you care about, I totally recommend buying it.
That's it from me. Stay safe, stay worthy.

Geplaatst op 20-05-2022
Door Jan Doornberg

Ik was al enige tijd op zoek naar een *eigen zegge perfecte Replica*
Ik had enige vragen, maar deze zijn allemaal nauwkeurig en snel beantwoordt.

Ik ben dan ook super blij met deze aanwinst! Hij voelt lekker zwaar aan, en het metaal is ook echt mooi, deed al mijn verwachtingen uitkomen.

Zoek je een uitstekende Replica voor leuk geld, en een prachtig display stuk twijfel niet.

Geplaatst op 15-03-2021
Door Marius

This hammer is amazing! When you really want to buy something that is actually unique, than is this hammer that what you are searching for. The hammer is exactly as it is shown on the website. That is forever the worthiest replica for every Thor and Marvel fan!

Geplaatst op 03-10-2020
Door Tim

A fantastic replica of Thor's mighty hammer. It has a great feel when holding it and is hefty as well. Been meaning to get a Metal Mjolnir for a while and this was a great choice!

Geplaatst op 09-07-2020
Door Terry

The detail on this hammer is perfect. Exactly the same as advertised, you won't be disappointed with this one. A must have for Thor fans out there. Delivery was quick. Will definitely purchase from this wesbite again :)

Geplaatst op 22-06-2020
Door Rinaldo

This Metal Mjolner is a real must have! Its heavy, detailed and awesome! I bought it with the base and it fits perfect!

Geplaatst op 01-05-2020
Door Sjoerd Neefs

I was surprised of the weight if this thing, it has some heft to it and fits perfect on the hammers base. It was shipped fast and i got it in 2 days, thanks guys , will order again!

Geplaatst op 11-04-2020
Door Jos

Twijfelde even tussen de resin hamer of de metalen hamer. Heb voor deze metal hamer gekozen en het is echt zooo nice! Leuke afwerking met het lederen riempje en tis echt wel een zware blok. Ik neem de base bij mn volgende bestelling van de stormbreaker erbij! Tot binnenkort otaku!

Geplaatst op 01-04-2020
Door Jason

Fast delivery but most if all, great quality! Thank you for the fast replies to alllll my questions lol!
Definitely buying the base next month.

Geplaatst op 20-02-2020
Door Daria

Wow i was amazed how beautifull the details were, really super quality ! ^_^ and also heavy! It was the perfect gift for my sweety :D

Geplaatst op 31-01-2020
Door Rasheed B.

This Thor hammer is absolutely great! Heavy, detailed. I bought it with the base and it is just Epic.

Geplaatst op 08-01-2020
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