GINTAMA - Boken - Training Sword

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The wooden sword from the popular anime Gintama, now it is your chance to wield and train with this wooden sword!


Material: Wood


Length: +/- 102cm

All items purchased from this shop are not sharp and for decorational/cosplay purpose only


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Par Sresht Iyer

The bokken arrived well within expected time and was handled well. The team was also really helpful in answering questions I had about the bokken. As a cosplay prop, it's perfect. What's better is that one can also use this for budo training as well. The wood used is beech wood, which makes it suitable for budo training. It is lighter than traditional white oak wood used for bokkens, but with appropriate care, it is more than sufficient. The bokken is a bit straighter than normal standard bokkens however, so one might need to take that into consideration.

Publié le 06-03-2022
Par Runi

the Gintama boken is in wood. very hard quality and with the katanaholder its very nice. glad i bought the holder with the boken.

Publié le 27-04-2020
5 étoiles selon 2 avis
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