NIER AUTOMATA - Katana of 2B - Virtuous Contract - Cosplay Foam

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The weapon of 2B from the game “Nier Automata” is her katana Virtuous Contract. It’s made out of high-quality cosplay foam PU. Replica.


Size: +/-104cm

Material: Cosplay Foam, PU


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Par Laura Küchler

The sword arrived really fast and I am so happy with it. For the price it's perfect. The sword ist lightweight, smooth and beautiful. So it will be easy to take at Conventions.

I totally recommend it for 2B Cosplayer.

Publié le 05-03-2020
Par Sebastian

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much due to the low price but I am SO happy with this sword! It's incredibly accurate, lightweight enough that it's easy to transport and carry at a con and arrived SO quickly. It didn't come with the tassle but it's easy enough to attach one if you're a stickler for accuracy like me.

All in all I totally recommend this sword and have already sent the link to a friend who wishes to cosplay 2B!

Publié le 26-11-2019
Par Colette Fakkert

Missing the tassel sadly, but overall much better quality than I had expected for the price. Insanely fast shipping. Perfect for cons where hard weapons are not allowed!

Publié le 07-11-2019
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