ONE PIECE - Katana of Roronoa Zoro - Wado Ichimonji - Lame en BOIS

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This is a wooden katana, Ideal for cosplaying.

Sword with wooden blade
Length: +/- 103cm

All items purchased from this shop are not sharp and for decorational/cosplay purpose only


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Par Hugo

Très bonne qualité je recommande

Publié le 28-04-2021
Par Hugo

Très bon katana je recommande très bien réalisé

Publié le 28-04-2021
Par Mohamed

It is a cool katana with amazing design. Very light to hold yet strong. Would recommend to everyone.

Publié le 05-09-2020
Par Julian

Bought all 3 wooden sword of zoro for my cosplay and got lots of positive comments from friends and even on the anime event i want from total stranger wants to take picture with me. Love al your swords and the whole store! I all told them where i bought. So you will get even more of my friends who wants to buy.
Thank you for everything and the help!

Publié le 14-04-2020
Par Diego

is a beautefull katana and i love one piece because zoro is a big boss and is joke

Publié le 15-02-2020
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