Oni Genji Katana - Metal Sword

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€ 109,98

 A swift strike from the Genji Katana releases incredible energy and deals a ton of damage in the epic game. This is the carbon steel and unsharpened version of the Genji Katana, featuring a two-toned blade that is black and red. The handle and guard (Tsuba) is all cast metal and features three dimensional design and very refined finishing. Sheathing the Sword into the Saya displays a stunning and seamless look, as the throat of the scabbard matches right to the guard of the sword.

- Replica from the game, Sword of Genji with the oni skin
- Length: +/-105 cm
- Material: Metal
- Superb details
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades and are for decoration only.



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Par shamsy colard de carvalho

tres bonne qualiter, est venue repiement onc frenchement pas grand chose a dire. mise a par que le bout en metal du peaumau peut senlever tres facilment

Publié le 24-07-2022
Par Myserious Onion

Super cool, the delivery went without a hitch and all was good. The swords details are brilliant and is definitely a very high standard, as I grow my collection i know for a fact this one will be one of , if not my favourite design. My only compliant is the very end of the handle tends to pop off, it can be put back on without issue but if pointed down itll just slide off, not sure why it was designed to come off at all as it ruins the cosplay but if its for display you'll never even notice it. Truly beautiful though, it also came with a free display stand for it and another sword. I don't remember seeing one being offered so seeing it in the box was absolutely awesome.

Publié le 20-01-2022
Par Lian lee

Its a long sword and cool details integrated! Heavy sword.

Publié le 29-03-2020
Par Silvio

Very nice! Also the holder is very nice. I like this store ! Price is low for the quality you get. And also the service is very nice

Publié le 30-12-2019
4.75 étoiles selon 4 avis
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