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Chitauri Scepter of Loki

New Chitauri Scepter of Loki

The Scepter was a Chitauri weapon that was powered by the Mind Stone and originally portrayed as a containment vessel for the Mind Stone encased inside its blue gem. The Infinity Stone granted the Scepter such diverse abilities to fire energy projectile blasts, manipulate minds, enable teleportation through the Tesseract, perform astral projection and allow mental communication.

The Infinity Stone has been under Thanos possession, who entrusted the Scepter to Loki of Asgard, along with an armada of Chitauri infantry troops and Leviathans, under the condition that Loki invade Earth to obtain the Tesseract and plan absolute subjugation under his reign.

This sceptre is highly detailed and functional, the Infinity Stone illuminates
Handmade metal sceptre with modified acrylic standard. (LED lights of the stand are not included)
Total length: +/- 118 cm


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