The 90s kids will never get over the Blade comics and movies, which remain one of the best Marvel comics adaptation series. The fans of the massively popular series rate it so highly because it portrays the vampire genre as it truly deserves to be represented. In Blade, the vampires are the majestic yet terrifying creatures of the night that have infiltrated the world's power structure.
The Blade franchise illustrates the adventures of a unique, half-human, half-vampire man named Eric Brooks, who has the elusive ability to roam about freely in the sunlight unlike other vampires, earning him the title "Day-walker". But this is not where his abilities end; he has honed his powers to become the most feared monster hunter roaming the streets.
Blade, the Daywalker, is the perfect boogeyman that terrorises all vampires. Gifted with superhuman abilities due to his mother’s fateful interaction with a vampire at the time of his birth, he further sharpened his talents by mastering ancient martial arts skills. But that is not all; with the help of his mentor, Abraham Whistler, an expert anti-vampire gadgeteer, Blade set up high-tech headquarters and armed himself with enviable weapons to carry out his true mission. The Blade weapons collectables are the perfect addition for fans who like to live by the words of their favourite vampire-slaying superhero: "There are worse things out tonight than vampires."
The Blade franchise collectables not only include the figurines of the leading characters but also the iconic sword along with the leather sheath fitted with a body harness used by Blade to eradicate the evil forces from this Earth. Blade collectable swords are forged out of steel metal with dulled edges. These beautiful swords have an instantly recognisable, sleek blade design similar to the one used by Wesley Snipes in the Blade action movies. The Daywalker Sword is the perfect collection highlight for any franchise fan to perfectly bring together any costume or decor display, paying homage to the perfect vampire slayer.

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