The Japanese media franchise “Pokemon” has become a world phenomenon. The Pokemon craze, often known as “Pokemania,” engulfed the world in the late 2000s. This franchise first emerged as a role-playing game created by Japanese game designer Satoshi Tajiri for the renowned game developer company Game Freak in 1996. The game became more widely popular in the rest of the world over the following two years.

The popularity of the video game and its characters led to the release of a dedicated manga series, “Pokemon Adventures,” and the even more popular Pokemon trading card games. Then came the animated TV series and feature films, and they quite literally became a global cultural phenomenon. After the release of the animated series, there was no stopping the Pokemon mania from taking over the whole world.

The general concept of the Pokemon universe revolves around a world where humans live alongside a powerful species called the Pokemon. These Pokemon have different shapes and sizes often mimicking the features of wild or domestic animals and sometimes even plants. Most Pokemon have powers that help them fight each other. The players and lead characters are trainers who explore and acquire different Pokemon monsters and train them to battle the opposing Pokemon to try and capture them.

The Pokemon character designs are unarguably the cutest to ever appear in any anime or video game, and the collectables from the series are no different. The Pokemon collectables range from game trading cards to keychains and lunch boxes to super adorable character figurines. Otakuninjahero brings the fans a wide collection of Pokemon collectables to assuage their needs. Of course, the Pokemon game cards are the most popular collectable on the website; however, the cute Funko POP collectables of characters like Pikachu, Mewtwo and Charmander are also highly rated by the fans.

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