Want to witness Arnold Shwezanger deliver his A-game in everything, from acting to action sequences to superb character development? Watch the 1987 sci-fi horror movie “The Predator.” This movie became an instant box office hit upon release and helped create an immensely successful movie franchise that still releases hits regularly and is respected by cinema lovers. The Predator film series to date includes seven feature films, several novels and comic books, and two highly rated video games, Predator: Concrete Jungle and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

The grim premise of each predator movie revolves around the harrowing fight for survival by a group of unsuspecting people against alien hunters. The human world becomes a playing field for an alien hunter from the hyper-intelligent species Yautja, looking for trophies, that is, living human targets to practise his killing expertise. The movie series introduces a new Yautja race or subspecies in every new release, with even more ferocious instincts and hunting capabilities.

The collectables for the Predators franchise are loved by the fans for their fierce appearance, even in much smaller frames and sizes. These collectables accurately depict the aggressive nature of the alien predator species, as well as the powerful physique of the hyper-intelligent extra-terrestrial species. Otakuninjahero brings beautifully detailed Predator collectables for movie fans eager to get their hands on high-quality memorabilia and giftable pieces.

One of the most coveted collectables from the entire collection is that of the Yautja from the Predator 2 movie, also called the City Hunter Predator. This powerful Predator was a tyrant who led a whole gang of hunter aliens to plant earth and was bold enough to single-handedly hunt in the bustling city of Los Angeles, leading the entire LAPD on a merry chase. Armed with movable and interchangeable body parts and accessories, this Predator collectable pays ferocious tribute to the thrilling movie franchise.

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