Metal Gear

Metal Gear

The Metal Gear game franchise is one of the most highly anticipated releases by Hideo Kojima. The game has been released on a wide range of home-based platforms and ranks among the top-grossing games in the international market. The popularity of the Metal Gear games even led to the release of a gamebook for the Japanese audience and a 1990 novel adaptation by the international publishing house Scholastic Books.

The original main story of the Metal Gear game followed the action-packed exploits of the special forces operative Solid Snake as he searches for a missing agent. During the recovery operation, he discovers the existence of the ‘Metal Gear’, a tremendous two-legged nuclear-equipped tank that is a doomsday weapon capable of bringing about mass destruction... completely autonomously. Now Solid Snake's mission is not only to destroy this mega weapon, but also to face off against his former supervisor, Big Boss, who has been a double agent all along.

In the later releases of the game, as Solid Snake ages; Naked Snake, another special forces soldier, enters the melee, runs successful missions, offs Big Boss yet again, and earns the moniker ‘Big Boss’ for himself. The recurring theme of the latest Metal Gear game releases is completing epic scale humanity saving missions, concluding with the destruction of progressively massive and deadly Metal Gears.

The collectables from the Metal Gear games are just as impressive as the series itself. Particularly for players who have enjoyed every game release as well as spinoffs, these collectables have an even deeper connection.

Otakuninjahero is presenting a beautiful collection of Metal Gear Rising collectable swords for devoted fans. Featuring the gun sword wielded by Samuel Rodrigues with its signature blood-red blade and gun-equipped scabbard and the High-Frequency Blade wielded by Raiden; these beautiful collectable swords are truly a sight to behold and can complete any Metal Gear cosplay costume perfectly.

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