The Japanese mobile game series FATE has undeniably taken the world by storm, with its accompanying anime series, manga, and films gathering an equally devoted fanbase. The Fate Grand Order franchise is based on the FATE Stay Night visual novel series. The game has been rendered in English and Korean following the popularity of the original Japanese version and remains one of the highest-grossing mobile games to date. The FATE anime series and films have also been highly praised for their complex storylines and nail-biting series of events that keep audiences on edge.

The FATE game takes players on adventures that require them to save humanity from extinction by traveling back in time, along with the mysterious Mash Kyrielight character, the first servant in the game who is also a shielder. As the game progresses, the players acquire other servants to help complete the mission assigned to them by the Chaldea Security Organization, a magical organization established to safeguard the existence of humankind.

The anime series maintains the same setting and portrays the chaos and protagonists' determination to rescue humanity in an even more stunning and profound way.

The FATE Grand Order collectibles are just as impressive as the franchise itself. These collectibles range from metal swords and blades to beautiful figurines of the main characters from the series. The most in-demand figurine collectibles include those of the badass leading ladies of the franchise, Mash Kyrielight with her formidable shield in action, Jeanne D'Arc and the notorious witch Abigail Williams, dressed in summer attire, taking a break from their intense FATE duties. All character collectibles come in window box packaging for secure and convenient display.

The FATE Grand Order weapon collection also includes the impressive Archer’s Yin Yang blades and many other FATE Stay Night swords. All the swords carry dulled blades, making them ideal for decoration purposes.

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