Nier Automata

Nier Automata is a spinoff of the 2010 Square Enix release Nier and an exciting part of the Drakengard series, which began releasing role-playing action video games in 2003. The earlier response to the release of Nier Automata was somewhat lukewarm. But slowly and surely it reached its current cult status, impressing critics and gamers alike with its immersive storyline, thought-provoking themes, and striking gameplay. The musical score included in Nier Automata has also received high praise for becoming an integral part of the gameplay itself.

Nier Automata follows multiple storylines in each playthrough, and the story is told from the perspective of the character played in each playthrough. The leading playable characters are 2B and 9S, two Androids tasked with fighting the evil machines taking over the Earth while humans have migrated to the Moon to escape the War and await peace before returning to the Earth. The game begins simply with the one task, "Kill the machines." It slowly expands the premise and quickly immerses the players into why following this order is no longer that simple before reaching one of the distinctive conclusions of the game, which just compels players to jump right into the next playthrough, eventually opening two more playable characters.

The popularity of the game has made its collectables just as popular among its adoring fans. The Nier Automata collectable katanas are immensely popular among fans on the lookout for authentic Nier katanas to complete their cosplay costume or add to the collection to give it the conclusive oomph. The signature 2B katanas are the most sought-after blades at every cosplay event. The silver handles with traditional Japanese-style wrapping and tassel decor with sleek sheaths makes these Nier Automata Katanas a must-have for every fan.

The Nier Automata collectable katanas are available in both metal and cosplay foam. These blades feature all the details present in the original katanas to make them feel and look genuine.

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