Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy series is considered the flagship franchise for developer Square Enix. What started as an anthology series of role-playing video games has branched out to include feature films, TV series, popular mangas, novels, and even audio dramas.

As an anthology series, all Final Fantasy games and media do not have the same main characters, but many old characters make appearances in newer releases. The central theme of most Final Fantasy releases focuses on a team of protagonists supporting each other and fighting together to defeat the ultimate forces of evil hellbent on destroying the world and humanity. The Final Fantasy main game line has released sixteen video games to date and is considered to be the biggest RPG video game series in the world.

The anime movies based on the Final Fantasy games are highly sought-after by game fans, particularly the 2005 releases Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Last Order: Final Fantasy VII. These movies feature incredible CGI and have enjoyed significant commercial success. The individual characters from these games and animes have each gained their own separate fan base with their striking appearances and fighting skills, as well as because of their moving backstories.

Given the popularity of the Final Fantasy characters, collectables from the series are always in high demand. There is no Comic-Con without someone dressed as the brooding Cloud Strife, the stunning Tifa Lockhart, or the imposing Sephiroth with flowing silver hair.

The Final Fantasy collectables include the impressive weapons used by the characters to fight their battles. These weapons range from futuristic swords to classic pistols. The swords wielded by Cloud Strife, the protagonist in the Advent Children anime, and his arch-enemy Sephiroth are especially popular as collectables for their imposing presence and authentic look. The blades of the swords are made of either metal or high-density Cosplay foam. The Cosplay foam blades are ideal for carrying at conventions and LARP events.

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