Once upon a time

The ABC hit series Once Upon A Time had viewers glued to the TV every week, month after month, for eight seasons. The series concluded its final season in 2018, but the fans identifying themselves as the "Oncers” remain devoted to their favorite characters, their intricate relationships, and even the unique locations used as the backdrop.

Once Upon A Time recounts the story of a little American town inhabited by the usual fare of people. A snobbish yet stylish mayor, the run-of-the-mill sheriff, the sweet school teacher, and the shady pawn shop owner, to name a few. What sets this town apart from any other is the fact that all of its residents are, in fact, characters from fairy tales from all around the world. They just have forgotten their origins! So the teacher is, in fact, Snow White; the Sheriff Emma Swan is her daughter; the mayor is the Evil Queen; the pawn shop owner is the elusive and cunning Rumpelstiltskin; and so on and so forth. All these characters in their modern world iterations, and their adventures and identities in the world of fantastical fairy tales, keep the viewers on edge. 

The merchandise and collectables for the Once Upon A Time series have always been in high demand since the beginning of the TV series. Looking at the distinctive looks and costume choices of these impressive characters, it's quite understandable that fans demand collectables to keep a piece of their favorite character with themselves.

The signature red leather jacket worn by the female lead, Emma Swan, the modern-day pirate grab on Captain Hook, and the powerful magical dagger wielded by Rumpelstiltskin are a few of the most popular Once Upon A Time collectables. The collectable swords and daggers from the series feature the exact intricate details in the original, making them an ideal decoration and cosplay item.

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