Elden Ring

There are not many games that generated a lot of buzz with the release of their trailer, only to become even more popular and perfectly satisfy their fans upon release. Elden Ring takes the crown in this race. It still has critics and gamers raving about its visuals and overall gaming experience, even years after its first release. 

The Elden Ring universe was created by the renowned fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin, the creator of the infamous Game of Thrones series. The game follows the path of its protagonist, “Tarnished” travelling across the “Lands Between” to investigate and find out how to repair the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord.

The fantastical world of Elden Ring is just as immersive as that of Westeros, with its own signature atmosphere and aura. To appreciate the experience even after spending hours completing challenging quests in the fantastical “Lands Between”, fans are always on the lookout for Elden Ring collectables. These intricate collectables are the perfect souvenirs from the elusive Lands Between. 

The most sought-after collectables from the series include the figurines and distinctive gear worn by the leading characters, like Melina, Tarnished, and General Radahn. The collectable swords from the Elden Ring universe are especially popular because of the intricate details added to make them look authentic. The game's impressive meteorite staff collectable is another imposing piece that adds character to its surroundings. All weapons made of metal have dull blades and can be used for decoration and display purposes.

The fan favourite Elden Ring collectables include the famous StarscourgeGreatsword, the winged metal helmet worn by the Lands Between very own girl boss Malenia, and other cosplay and display pieces with signature Elden Ring art and stylization. These collectables are not just pieces of art but also the perfect way to reminisce about the adventures waiting for the bold and the brave in the Lands Between.  

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