Vocaloid, an innovative singing voice synthesiser software, has revolutionised the way people perceive making music. It has changed how music scores and songs are created, not just by industry movers and shakers but also by the niche music creator community that produces their own Vocaloid hits for their adoring followers.

Vocaloid technology and software were introduced to the masses by the Japanese company Yamaha Corporation in 2004. The voice synthesiser is compatible with MS Windows, macOS, and iOS systems and is available in Japanese, English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and Catalan.

Vocaloid uses a combination of pre-recorded vocal samples and signal-processing AI to generate realistic-sounding vocals. Users can input vocals and melodies into the software, and the Vocaloid engine will produce the corresponding vocal performance. These synthesised voices can be used in various applications, such as music production, video game soundtracks, and voice acting.

The mascot characters for popular Vocaloid songs have amassed fandoms on par with professional musicians. Hatsune Miku (CV01), Kagamine Rin and Len (CV02), and Megurine Luka (CV03) are among the most loved mascots performing under the Vocaloid banner.

To cater to the popular demand of the Vocaloid fandom, Otakuninjahero presents the perfect figurine collection of their beautiful AI stars. This collectable collection, which includes Hatsune Miku and Sakura Miku in many eye-catching outfits and poses, is a real treat for loyal followers. These detailed, high-quality action figure collectables feature the lively Vocaloid star in her iconic costumes with realistic facial expressions.

The dark villain version and the 15th Anniversary Miku collectables have the highest ratings among Vocaloid collectables. The Otakuninjahero Vocaloid collection also includes the sleek anime cosplay wig styled in signature Miku pigtails with luscious bangs. Each wig is made of shiny polyester threads to give it the ultra-sleek and shiny look that complements any cosplay costume style

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