Mini Katana - Tanto

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of traditional Japanese Katanas like never before. Otaku ninja hero brings the most exquisite and impressive collection of Tanto, the mini katanas for avid anime katana collectors. Our collection of katana blades is made from premium-quality materials, ensuring that each piece is a work of art that can be proudly displayed as a highlight of any anime or manga collectibles or even an extensive swords and blades collection.

Although tanto knives are sometimes referred to as "mini katanas" due to their connection to the longer sword, they have their own distinct characteristics. They are not simply smaller versions of the katana. Our tanto knives share some design elements with the full-size katanas, but each piece is unique in its own right.
The tanto mini-katana is the perfect way to emulate the dignity and bravery of the samurai of feudal Japan. In addition to being cultural treasures from ancient Japanese traditions, these beautiful tantos are the perfect ode to your favorite anime characters and their fabulous, powerful weapons. Tanto katana are treasured collectibles that tick all the right boxes.

Otaku ninja hero brings traditional Japanese blade fans exquisite pieces with a distinctive tanto design characterized by a short blade with a pointed tip. The term "tanto" itself means "short sword" in Japanese. So each of our products is meticulously forged to meet the characteristics of a true tanto.
Otaku ninja hero's tanto blades not only fulfill all the characteristics of a traditional mini katana but are also customized to emulate the famous full-size katanas from beloved anime series. Our collection is curated to cater to the tastes of all anime fandoms. Fans can find tanto blades from older fan favorites like Bleach and One Piece to the latest hits like Demon Slayer.

Each tanto features a distinct tsuba separating the blade from the hilt; these tsubas are molded exactly like the famous katanas from the anime world. Our tanto blades are customized to meet the high standards of the devoted anime fandom. Every tsuba is expertly crafted with exquisite designs and details to resemble the original, iconic full-size katana tsubas from popular anime series. Along with the tsuba design, the sheath and blade are also forged to look exactly like the original counterpart. The Tanto mini katana collection on Otaku ninja hero features iconic pieces like Ichigo Kurosaki’s Bankai katana from Bleach, Roronoa Zoro’s infamous katanas from One Piece, and fearsome Nichirin katanas from the Demon Slayer series.


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