Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill, the anime series released by Studio Trigger, has a devoted fan base, faithfully recreating the looks and signature aura of the main characters in TikTok videos and at all major Comic-Con events. The Kill la Kill anime series first aired on Japanese TV in 2013, the original video animation of the popular anime was released in 2014; while the manga series, which started releasing episodes around the same time as the anime aired, continued its run until 2015.

Kill la Kill is based on the adventures of Ryuko Matoi, a young schoolgirl searching for her father’s killer. The test of her abilities began when she transferred to Honnouji Academy, a place she suspects has strong connections to her father’s murder. The school is dominated by a powerful villainous student council under the dictatorship of Satsuki Kiryuin, an older student. The students of the school wear uniforms made of Life Fibers called Goku, which give them superpowers. Welding her distinctive Scissor Blade (one shear of the Life Fiber destroying Rending Scissors) and her special Kamui uniform, Senketsu, Ryuko sets about her mission to find the killer and save the world from the threat of Life Fiber.

The Kill la Kill collectables are as interesting as the anime itself. The most popular collectable from the series is the character figure of the main lead, young Ryuko Matoi. Wearing her trusty Senketsu while wielding the Scissor Blade and her signature scowl, her collectable fiercely looks down at the beholder, daring them to cross her path.

The weapon collectable from the Kill la Kill series features the iconic Scissor Blade. This blood-red single shear of the powerful Rending Scissors is as popular as its owner. The life-size collectable Scissor Blade is made of wood and light enough to be carried around as a part of the cosplay costume of your favourite badass girl at long Comic Con events.

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