The high-action, military, science-fiction video game series Halo first hit the market in 2001. Since then, it has become a juggernaut franchise that has led all the mediums it has transcended into. The universe of Halo has been adapted into various forms of media, including novels, comics, anime series, TV shows, feature films, and more.

The Halo games have gained a cult following due to their ability to provide both thrilling gameplay and a captivating storyline that emotionally engages fans and keeps them coming back for more. But it does not end here; the Halo game series arguably has the best-received original soundtrack of all video games to date.

The main story of the game follows the fight humanity is putting up in a genocidal holy war waged against them by an alliance of aliens spanning the galaxy called the Covenant. The last chance humans have to survive as a race is a group of artificially augmented human supersoldiers called the Spartans. Superhuman soldier extraordinaire Master Chief and his trusty AI assistant Cortana are the main protagonists of the game and play a pivotal role in stopping the Covenant and their evil plans for the human race.

The collectables based on the Halo game franchise are just as exciting as the game itself. They pay homage to the expansive story of human survival against all odds. The collectables include replicas of hi-tech weapons used in the game as well as the character figures of the popular cast.

The most popular collectable weapon is the life-size Dual-energy Plasma Blade, made of metal and featuring the iconic multi-hued heated finish. The blade has dulled edges and is available with an accompanying wall-mount plaque for easy display. The Funko POP character figures of top Spartan soldiers Master Chief wielding his MA40 Assault Rifle and Mark V with his Energy Blade are also highly rated by the series fans.

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