The Shonen manga, Inuyasha, was the most recommended manga series by the Manga Division Jury at the Japan Media Arts Festival at two separate events. The manga was first released in 1996 and remained in serial publication till 2008. Today with over 50 million copies in circulation worldwide, Inuyasha has expanded its fanbase far beyond its once niche target audience.

The main story in Inuyasha follows the classic Shonen genre patterns of the male lead with unparalleled fighting skills, facing a plethora of antagonists standing in his way; however, the creator of Inuyasha took it a step further by including intricate details to the characters making them more relatable and multi-dimensional.

Insuya is the tale of a half-man/half-dog demon and a young girl Kagome, who lives in modern Tokyo but was dragged back in time to the tremulous Sengoku period. Together they had to embark upon the quest to retrieve all pieces of the Shikon Jewel that enables the bearer to have immeasurable power. During their adventures in ancient Japan, they meet many friends and foes and finally complete their arduous tasks.

Collectibles from the Inuyasha manga and anime series include beautiful figurines of the main cast in iconic costumes holding dynamic poses. The character collectible of the demon Inuyasha, the priestess Kikyo who is the guardian of the Shikon Jewel, and Sesshomaru, also a powerful dog-demon and half-brother of Inuyasha, are a part of the POP Up Parade series. These vibrantly colored collectibles feature all the details of the original manga characters and wield signature weapons.

The Inuyasha collectibles also include the life-size katana wielded by the man-dog-demon on his many adventures. The collectible katana is made of steel with dulled edges for safe handling and transportation. Inuyasha's Tessaiga sword collectible is the perfect finishing touch to any cosplay costume and is the perfect decoration piece for Inuyasha-themed displays.

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