Dark Souls

The Dark Souls Trilogy has a diehard fan base that is so committed to the game that they use "Dark Souls" gameplay and storyline as a benchmark to judge the newer releases. The macabre yet enthralling themes that are followed in the game set it apart from the other action adventure role-play games in its league, and place it in an interesting position at the junction of action and horror games.

The Dark Souls games are notorious for having very high difficulty levels. The gameplay often requires the players to choose battles carefully and even encourages missing a few along the way. This makes the whole Dark Souls world feel more alive and immersive, not to mention making repeat playthroughs a lot more interesting.

Dark Souls collectables are a hot commodity for fans. The most popular collectables include the highly detailed and deadly weapons wielded by the main characters in the games. The Great Sword of Artorias is one of the most sought-after Dark Souls collectables. Identified as the Sword birthed by the soul of the legendary wolf Sif, the protector of the crypt of the Abysswalker Knight Artorias, the Great Sword of the Artorias is a powerful weapon wielded by one of the most influential figures in the Dark Souls world, and its collectables do justice to the impressive setting put in place for the legendary sword. The life-size sword will make a highly impactful addition to the decor of any themed display.

The swords included in the Dark Souls collectable series have dull edges and are intricately forged to feature all the details that make the original such a recognisable weapon. The hilt and guard of each collectable sword have the aged, characteristic Dark Souls universe design, making it a highlight piece for any exhibition. The Dark Souls collectables have a distinct style that feels like they have a life of their own, making the owners a tangible part of the fantastical Dark Souls world.

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