The famous antihero Deadpool has the world at his feet, rolling with laughter or dead. Deadpool, the alter ego of mercenary extraordinaire Wade Wilson, is a beloved character in the Marvel universe. The character of Deadpool first appeared in the Marvel comics in the 1991 New Mutants series.

Deadpool's origin story is as murky as the bottom of an old well because of the mental condition that renders him unable to recall his past life. The Deadpool character in comics and movies is one of the few who breaks the fourth wall quite repeatedly. He is aware that he is a fictional superhero character in a comic book and frequently addresses the audience directly with great humour to emphasise the ridiculous settings or character traits many superhero comics commonly have.
Rayan Reynold's portrayal of Deadpool in the recent Marvel movies has made the human-mutant-mercenary character uber-popular. His sarcastic commentary is a true counterpoint to the perfect action sequences that have become a trademark of Marvel movies.

As popular as the Marvel collectables are, the collectables for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool character have their separate niche of devotees and die-hard fans. The popular Deadpool collectables include the weapons used by his character in comics and movies, including the MP5K machine gun and the set of deadly twin katanas he carries on his back. T-shirts bearing a smirking Deadpool are also quite popular among fans.

The collectable Deadpool weapons feature all the little details present in their original counterparts to give them an authentic look. The gun features squiggles reading "Deadpool’s gun" and "This end toward enemy" in his handwriting and comes with a wooden stand for easy display. Deadpool’s collectable katanas come encased in their wooden scabbards and attached to the back harness that can be used to carry them. Each blade features dulled edges and is ideal for themed displays.

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