Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the most talked-about game developed by FromSoftware in 2019, is quickly gathering its own cult following. As an action-adventure game in a gaming culture dominated by RPGs, Sekiro set new trends in the industry. The fans have accepted it as the brutal, adrenaline-on-steroids-packed game that helped FromSoftware lead the gaming culture towards new horizons.

Sekiro is an outstanding game that offers immersive gameplay, an expressive world, and a touching storyline. The game boasts a variety of combat options, including the katanas and additional weapons attached to the protagonist’s arm prosthetic, which make the gameplay more engaging and enjoyable. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice players can experience actual tactical and back-and-forth sword fights!

It is not just the combat style that sets it apart but also the well-developed narrative of the Sekiro game universe that takes the players on a journey through ancient Japan. The story follows a one-handed shinobi called Wolf on the path to avenge his murdered clan members and free his master Lord Kuro, the immortal heir to the Dragon Heritage. Using superb ninja techniques of stealth, combat, and espionage, Wolf fights the enemies to rescue Kuro and fulfil his command to either destroy Dragon Heritage or return it to its original resting place.

The ancient Shinobi practices of Japanese culture are beautifully portrayed in the weapons used in Sekiro. To honour these legendary weapons, Otakuninjahero presents the authentic katana collectables wielded by the one-handed shinobi from Sekiro.

The Mortal Blade "Kaimon" is the most highly coveted collectable among Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fans due to its significance as a key weapon in the game. Ideal for themed decoration displays or as the focal point of a killer cosplay costume, the Kaimon Katana is one statement-making piece of weaponry. It features all the details of the original katana, including the wooden sheath, making it a beautiful collectable blade. All weapons from Sekiro collectables feature blades with dull edges for safe display and handling.

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