The Highlander is a respected film and television series franchise that has remained a cult favourite roughly four decades after its first feature film release back in the 1980s. The thrilling story of powerful immortal beings in the world of Highlander has been transformed into several novels, two separate spin-off TV series, an animated series, and even video games. It remains an eternal favourite in the minds of its fans, just like its protagonists. Another feature making the series so unforgettable is the soundtrack of the original Highlander movie, "A Kind of Magic", written by the legendary Freddie Mercury and performed by Queen. It unsurprisingly quickly became an instant worldwide hit.

Highlander tells the unusual story of a few select immortals living among mere humans. These immortals get their power through the phenomenon of the Quickening. However, all immortals are also subject to the inevitable violent phenomenon called the Gathering, which forces them to gather and fight to the death until one remains standing to claim the Prize, which is the power of the slain immortals. The Highlander franchise tells the stories of influential immortals like Connor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod, portraying how immortal beings lead their lives alongside people bound to die when their time comes.

The collectables from the Highlander series include the impressive katanas passed down to the powerful immortals by their mentors. The beautiful dragon-head katana wielded by Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series is one of the most notable collectable weapons because of its striking and instantly recognisable appearance. The dragon head katana features an ivory-coloured hilt with a fierce dragon dome on its top and a glossy black scabbard with gold detailing.

These collectable weapons are the perfect final touch for any Highland cosplay costume and give an authentic feel to the whole look. The life-size Highland collectable blades are made of metal and feature dull edges for safe handling.

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