Bleach - Shinigami

Bleach is widely regarded as one of the “big three” in the shonen manga genre. The Bleach animated series is based on the popular Japanese manga series that began publication in 2001. The animated series spanning over 16 seasons, remains one of the most highly-rated anime shows on Netflix. 

The story revolves around Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who has to fulfil his responsibilities and overcome the challenges thrust upon him after becoming a Soul Reaper. Along with his trusty group of friends, who also have their signature spiritual powers, he enters a world previously unknown, to save his town from the Hollows and ultimately takes on even more daunting challenges that affect the whole world.

To appreciate the popular series, anime fans of the genre have been investing in the collectables of the series and cosplaying the different Bleach characters year after year. The Bleach collectables, whether they are the figurines of the leading visual characters, the famous supporting cast, or the inventive, powerful weapons and gear employed by these characters, keep fans excited and also demonstrate their love for the anime.  

The most popular collectables from Bleach include Ichigo’s Zanpakutō in its hollow form Zangetsu, Kisuke Urahara's cane that transforms into a katana, and other powerful swords wielded by the impactful characters like Abarai Renji, Byakuya Kuchiki, and even the Arrancar Grimmjow. Another fan-favourite collectable piece is the Butcher like shikai sword wielded by Ichigo. 

The life-like collectable katanas from the Bleach franchise are very popular for decoration and themed set designs. Made out of steel metal, these swords feature dulled blades with intricately designed handles and matching scabbards that set them apart from all others and are instantly recognisable to any anime or manga fan. These collectable katanas also come with life-size yet lightweight wooden and cosplay foam blades, making them ideal for cosplaying, LARP fighting and attending large ComicCon events as your favourite Bleach character.   

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