The original dark fantasy-themed Overlord novel series by Kugane Maruyama was released in 2010 and gained immense popularity before concluding in 2012. Due to its popularity and audience demand, the Overlord light novel series, also written by Kugane Maruyama, began releasing regular volumes in 2012. Thankfully, avid fans can now enjoy sixteen light novels and eighteen manga volumes depicting the exploits and adventures of the Overlord Momonga in the New World.

The Overlord manga and animated releases have amassed as many fans as the light novel series. With an immensely popular OVA, a 44-episode original net animation series, and a two-part anime film series, Overlord still reigns over the hearts of anime movie fans.

The series tells the unique story of a gamer residing in a massive role-playing game after its servers are off. The adventures of Overlord begin in the year 2126 when popular online multiplayer role-playing game servers are about to be shut off for good after an immensely popular twelve-year gig. An ordinary player who is an office worker in real life logs on to the servers for the last time to bid farewell to his favourite game and in-game character, “Overlord”. However, something goes wrong, and he does not log off after the servers are out. Instead, he and all the NPCs in his Tomb of Nazarick get transported to a New World where all the NPCs gain sentience. Now, Overlord must survive in this new world, looking for other players like him and solving the mysterious game while protecting his home and the people of Nazarick.

The Overlord series collectables are just as intriguing as the story itself. The fans especially love the action figures collectables of its compelling NPCs. To meet the fan demand, Otakuninjahero presents the collectable figure of Overseer Albedo, one of the uber-popular NPCs in the whole manga universe. Each figure is posed to depict the most iconic costume and action of the character and features all the intricate details of the original character.

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