Black Clover

The Black Clover manga and anime series are as lively and fast-paced as the hyperactive and loud-mouthed lead character, Aster, with barely any episodes without adding to the storyline. The Black Clover collectables celebrate the Japanese manga series that takes place in a magical world where everyone has magical abilities. In such a setting, two young boys, Asta and Yuno, were raised in an orphanage. Asta, however, could not use mana and magic, and to overcome this shortcoming, he trained hard to increase his physical strength.

The story of the Black Clover manga revolves around Aster and Yuno's friendly rivalry to reach the coveted position of Wizard King and how Aster came to possess the mysterious five-leaf grimoire despite his lack of magic. The story takes many twists and turns as it reveals the dark origins of the five-leaf grimoire and how the friends overcome challenges and embark upon adventures to become the most powerful mages in the kingdom.

The fans of the series have coveted the collectables of the Black Clover series to bring a piece of the Clover Kingdom magic to their own collection. These collectables range from iconic swords used by Asta to figurines of popular series characters. Asta’s demon slayer sword is especially coveted by collectors for its aesthetically pleasing yet powerful-looking design. These swords are available in steel metal blades with dulled edges for display and themed decoration, as well as in high-density cosplay foam with a solid core. The life-size foam swords are ideal for LARP combat and cosplay at Comic Con events.

The Funko POP character figurines of Black Clover characters are also widely popular among manga fans, as they portray the fun-loving and willful nature of the fan-favourite lead, Astra. Each collectable is meticulously designed to depict the distinctive traits of the fantastic Black Clover characters, making them a priceless addition to any manga collector's collection.

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