The Japanese light novel series Re:Zero—Starting Life in Another World, also known simply as Re:Zero, has the perfect mix of adventure and dark-fantasy elements that make it stand out in the overpopulated Isekai genre. With new Korean and Japanese mangas added to the Isekai genre almost every other day, the once mysterious tales of people displaced in time, space, and parallel universes are losing their charm. Re:Zero, however, still stands out from the crowd by bringing in compelling stories, fleshed-out characters, and coherent timelines.

The Re:Zero series started releasing light novels in 2012 and, to date, has released 34 volumes, 5 side stories, and 8 short story collections, with over 13 million copies published so far. The Re:Zero manga series and anime adaptation have also received the same love and appreciation from the global fandom. The series has won several prestigious awards for all of its interpretations.

Re:Zero recounts the trials and tribulations the lead character, Subaru Natsuki, faces when he transmigrates into a fantasy world. His survival in this world is even more challenging as he is a hikikomori, i.e., an extreme recluse who prefers extreme withdrawals from the social world. In this mysterious world, he learns about his power to turn back time upon his death and uses this morbid power to help out the friends he manages to create despite his reclusive nature.

The collectables from the Re:Zero series are as diverse as Subaru’s new universe. The character figurine collectables are the most widely appreciated items by fans. These figurines not only feature the main leads but also depict the charming supporting characters that bring the whole story to life. Otakuninjahero presents fan-favourite characters from Re:Zero by bringing detailed collectable figures of Ram and Rem in their Ice Season outfits and other popular costumes. Other highly rated Re:Zero collectables include figures of Emilia, the half-elf Witch of Frost.

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