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BLUE EXORCIST - Rin's Katana - Kurikara

BLUE EXORCIST - Rin's Katana - Kurikara

Blue Exorcist is a Japanese anime show which depicted an underground religious sect which sheltered the world from the demons of hell. Rin Okumura has inherited the power of Satan himself and is referred to as the son of Satan. He begins to realize his fate as the Anime progresses, and as a teenager.

This beautiful blue rendition of the Kurikara (sword carried by Rin) has every fine detail a replica needs to be 100% purely accurate. The blade is carbon steel and remains unsharpened, which allows you to bring it to events without being peace tied. Notice the extremely precise detail put into the wooden Saya with solid metal fittings? The entire Saya is airbrushed blue like the blue flames from the anime and the insignia is also carefully applied in silver. A bright green Sageo wraps the neck and really sets off the tone for flash and power. Built entirely for beautiful ornate replica detail.

- Length: +/-107 cm
- Material: Metal, Steel
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades

Material Metal
Theme Anime

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