NIER AUTOMATA - Katana of 2B - Virtuous Contract

NIER AUTOMATA - Katana of 2B - Virtuous Contract

YoRHa No.2 Type B (Battle) or 2B serves as the protagonist of Route A in NieR:Automata. She is a YoRHa android created to battle the machine lifeforms that have invaded the planet on behalf of the surviving humans. She served during the 14th Machine War.

2B is an all-purpose battle android, deployed as a member of the automated YoRHa infantry. She is equipped with a multitude of weapons for close quarters combat and can attack from range using the Pod support system. Her eyes are obscured beneath her standard-issue military visor, which she rarely removes.

Virtuous Contract is the sword you start with when Nier wakes up. This glorious katana is the epitome of Japanese style and elegance. Likely of the type that would be used by a combat android in the midst of a proxy war, this sword is beautifully detailed and crafted. It comes with a polished, unsharpened steel blade that has a stunning brush hamon (edge decoration) and silver handle.

- Length: 115 cm
- Comes with leather sheath
- Material: Steel
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.


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