THE WALKING DEAD - Katana of Michonne

THE WALKING DEAD - Katana of Michonne

Michonne knew exactly wtf she was doing when it comes to slaying zombies. This sword has beheaded so many walkers that we all lost count. The blade is entirely ornate and has the biohazard symbol engraved into the high carbon steel. An ornate aluminum guard is adorn exactly as it's authentic replica.What is very unique about this sword is the saya. While the saya is all wood, it has brown faux leather from head to toe. A thick leather back strap allows you to wear the sword over your back and it has full adjustments available to fit all regular adult sizes.

- Length: 102 cm
- Material: Metal, Steel
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.


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  • 45,20 $

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