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BLADE - Daywalker Sword

Characters as bold as Wesley Snipes's Blade come about just once in a generation. This hunter is a d..

US$ 89,59

GAME OF THRONES - Sword of Jon Snow 1

Longclaw is a Valyrian steel sword that was the ancestral weapon of House Mormont for five centuries..

US$ 145,59

LORD OF THE RINGS - Frodo Elven sword - Sting 67 cm

A magical sword given to Frodo Baggins by his uncle Bilbo, the original Ringbearer. It is up to Fro..

US$ 61,59

SWORD ART ONLINE - Kirito - Dark Repulser

Kirito from the anime SAO, in the first season went to Lizbeth and requested a sword be crafted that..

US$ 145,59

SWORD ART ONLINE - Kirito - Dark Repulser - Cosplay Foam

Kirito from the anime in the first season went to Lisbeth and requested a sword be crafted that coul..

US$ 33,59

SWORD ART ONLINE - Kirito - Elucidator - Cosplay Foam

Dual wielded by the most popular character in the anime about the game, Kirito, he obtains this swor..

US$ 33,59

300 - Leonidas - Spartan sword

Sword of Leonidas from the movie 300. This special blade design was used by the Spartans, Athenians..

US$ 78,39

300 - Sword of Themistocles

Sword from the movie 300: Rise of an Empire. This special blade design was used by the Spartans, Ath..

US$ 89,59

7 DEADLY SINS - Demon Sword Lostvayne of Meliodas

This is the Demon sword Lostvayne , wielded by Meliodas in the anime Seven Deadly Sins- Length: +/-7..

US$ 134,39

7 DEADLY SINS - Dragon Handle - broken sword of Meliodas

The famous broken sword called Dragon Handle from the anime 7 Deadly Sins wielded by Meliodas- Size:..

US$ 111,99

ALITA - BATTLE ANGEL - Damascus Blade

The Damascus Blade is the Alita Battle Angel signature weapon in the movie and was named for its s..

US$ 201,59

AQUAMAN - Trident of King Atlan

Aquaman’s weapon from the movie “Aquaman” is the Trident. It’s made out of high-quality metal. 183cm..

US$ 302,39

ASSASSINS CREED - Sword of Altair

It depicts a centuries-old struggle pitting the Assassins, who fight for peace and free will, agains..

US$ 123,19

ASSASSINS CREED - Sword of Altair - Cosplay Foam

Sword of Altair from the game “Assassins Creed”. It’s made out of high-quality Cosplay Foam PU. 88cm..

US$ 33,59

ASSASSINS CREED - Sword of Ojeda

The sword of Ojeda is 110 cm long with a stainless steel blade and detailed handle of cast zinc allo..

US$ 123,19

ASSASSINS CREED Odyssey - Broken Spear of Leonidas

The iconic weapon from the game Assassins Creed Odyssey, the Spear of LeonidasMaterial: Resin with m..

US$ 78,39

ATTACK ON TITAN - Foam Cosplay Sword

- Cosplay sword from the popular anime Attack on Titan- Length: +/- 92 cm- Material: PU, FoamIdeal f..

US$ 33,59

ATTACK ON TITAN - Vertical Maneuvering Equipment - Detachable Blade + grip

Is it a gun, a sword, or a razor? I call it The Bad-A Gunsword, but it is actually from the anime se..

US$ 145,59

AVENGERS - Loki - Chitauri Sceptre

The Scepter was a Chitauri weapon that was powered by the Mind Stone and originally portrayed as a c..

US$ 246,39

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR - Hammer of Thor - Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker is an enchanted axe/hammer used by Thor. It was forged from Uru in the heart of a dying..

US$ 223,99