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Daywalker Sword of Blade

Characters as bold as Wesley Snipes's Blade come about just once in a generation. This hunter is a d..

68,36 $

Sting - Sword of Frodo

A magical sword given to Frodo Baggins by his uncle Bilbo, the original Ringbearer. It is up to Fr..

34,17 $

SWORD ART ONLINE - Kirito - Dark Repulser

Kirito from the anime SAO, in the first season went to Lizbeth and requested a sword be crafted that..

102,54 $

SWORD ART ONLINE - Kirito - Dark Repulser - Cosplay Foam

Kirito from the anime in the first season went to Lisbeth and requested a sword be crafted that coul..

34,17 $

SWORD ART ONLINE - Kirito - Elucidator - Cosplay Foam

Dual wielded by the most popular character in the anime about the game, Kirito, he obtains this swor..

34,17 $

Sword of Jon Snow

Longclaw is a Valyrian steel sword that was the ancestral weapon of House Mormont for five centuries..

125,33 $

Anduril - Sword of Aragorn

Reforged by the elves in the Third Age, this epic fantasy replica longsword is engraved on the blad..

136,73 $

Anduril - Sword of Aragorn with sheath

Reforged by the elves in the Third Age, this epic fantasy replica longsword is engraved on the bla..

148,12 $

Arakh - Sword of Khal Drogo

The warrior leader of a vast tribe of horseman in Essos known as the Dothraki, it was said he had ne..

136,73 $

Assassins Sword of Altair

It depicts a centuries-old struggle pitting the Assassins, who fight for peace and free will, agains..

79,75 $

Assassins Sword of Ojeda

The sword of Ojeda is 110 cm long with a stainless steel blade and detailed handle of cast zinc allo..

102,54 $

Black Master Sword of Dark Link

The highest quality has been applied to make one of the most resounding Legend of Zelda swords ever ..

56,96 $

BORUTO - Sword of Sasuke

Beautiful reproduction of the Sasuke Katana seen in the Boruto manga.The 440 stainless steel blade i..

45,57 $

Chitauri Sceptre of Loki

The Scepter was a Chitauri weapon that was powered by the Mind Stone and originally portrayed as a c..

216,49 $

CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK - Furian Knives - Ulaks

From the movie Chronicles of Riddick the Riddick knives were used in the scenes while Riddick was es..

45,57 $

Conan the Barbarian - Atlantean Sword

Conan is one of the most iconic characters in the movie and literature world. This is Conan The Ba..

113,94 $

DARKSIDERS - Replica Chaoseater Sword Cosplay Foam

Beautiful and high quality replica of War’s sword Chaoseater from the video game hit Darksiders.It i..

244,97 $

DEADPOOL - Twin Katanas

Set of both swords made of carbon steel and each included a wooden Saya scabbard. A harness made of ..

113,94 $

Elven Sword of Elvenking Thranduil

The sword of the Elvenking was one of two twin swords crafted for Thranduil by the finest smiths o..

102,54 $

Elven Swords of TAURIEL

Tauriel is a Silvan Elf and daughter of Mirkwood. Her parents were killed by orcs when she was young..

74,05 $