(PRE-ORDER) Elden Ring Sword - Moonveil Katana - 142cm (Available Early December)

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4% Discount
€ 122,20

PRE-ORDER this replica. As soon as it is available again at the Beginning of December, it will be shipped to you.
We love Christmas and we assure you that all pre-orders will arrive at your door before Christmas


Detailed replica of the famous Moonveil katana from the game Elden Ring

- Length: +/- 142cm
- Blade Length: +/- 95cm
- Blade thickness: +/- 0.4 cm
- Material: Steel
- Wooden Sheath
- Not Sharp
- Shipped from Europe

All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades and are for decoration purposes only

The Moonveil katana is in the top 3 of the best katanas in the Elden Ring game and does more damage then most of the spells in the game, even with 70 INT + max gear it will kill opponents almost instantly with not much FP consumption.
This because of the skill Transient Moonlight: Sheathe Blade, wherein the sword is kept at the hip in a poised stance.
Subsequently, a swift and forceful attack is executed, drawing the blade with remarkable speed for an immediate slash assault.
In both instances, a luminous wave is unleashed, mirroring the blade's alignment. Standard attacks emit a short-range horizontal wave, while potent strikes project a long-range vertical wave that traverses the ground.
The light wave and the melee swipe possess autonomous damage-dealing capabilities, affording the opportunity to strike foes with both, thereby augmenting damage output when engaged in close combat.


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