(PRE-ORDER) Ghost of Tsushima - Sword of Jin - Sakai Katana (Available Early December)

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€ 101,50

PRE-ORDER this replica. As soon as it is available again at the Beginning of December, it will be shipped to you.
We love Christmas and we assure you that all pre-orders will arrive at your door before Christmas


Detailed replica of the Jin Sakai Katana from the game Ghost of Tsushima

- Length: +/- 102cm
- Blade Length: +/- 68 cm
- Material Blade: Carbon Steel
- Guard: +/- 10 x 7.5 cm
- Weight: +/- 1,2 kg
- Not Sharp
- Shipped from Europe

All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades and are for decoration purposes only

Meet Jin Sakai, the charismatic protagonist of the action-packed video game series Ghost of Tsushima!
From his youthful days dedicated to the samurai code to his evolution into the legendary Ghost of Tsushima, Jin's journey is nothing short of captivating.

Once an ardent follower of the samurai code, Jin's worldview shifts dramatically after the devastating defeat by the Mongols.
Convinced that stealth and shadowy tactics hold the key to victory, he adopts a dual combat style, seamlessly blending highly skilled samurai swordplay with cunning and discreet ghost tactics, much to the dismay of his samurai brethren.

Central to Jin's arsenal is his iconic Sakai Katana, a weapon that accompanies him throughout the entirety of the game.
This finely crafted blade becomes an extension of Jin's deadly prowess, allowing him to execute unstoppable combos with flair.
The Sakai Katana boasts a unique scabbard design, complemented by an intricate guard and handle, making it a symbol of both power and artistry.

Inspired by Jin's katana, our meticulously crafted real sword replicates its essence, featuring a carbon steel blade (toshin) and the iconic shaped guard (tsuba).
This metal replica, approximately 102 cm long, comes complete with a wooden sheath (saya). While the blade is blunted, it serves as an ideal addition to your home decor or a perfect accessory for cosplay photoshoots, capturing the spirit of Ghost of Tsushima in every detail!


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