JULIUS CEASAR - Roman Dagger

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This is the Elite Gladius, the next step up from the original Gladius. Where as the Gladius was carried by the soldiers and Gladiators this was the sword of Generals and high ranking Officers. Mostly used for stabbing motions the Gladius was a vicious and bloodthirsty companion. The skill required to wield this sword and live to old age is incomprehensible to most now a days. This ` was the right hand of the power of Rome.

This sword is a beautiful reproduction of the original Gladius. Great attention was paid to the detail of the scabbard and handle. The blade is mirror finished and features a line pattern imprinted into the steel of blade. This sword is perfect for collectors, theaters, and enthusiasts.

Attributes of the Weapon:

Blade: The blade of the sword is 440 stainless steel with an intricate black pattern imprinted into the ridge. The sword also features an unsharpened ricasso, double sided false edge and sharpened tip.

Scabbard: The scabbard of the sword is made with a synthetic material with a shiny clear coat finish. The end cap of the sheath is highly detailed scroll worked steel. In the upper half of the scabbard is another steel fitting with more detailed work, this one holding a chain carrying strap. The scabbard throat depicts a Roman General leading his troops into battle.

Guard: The guard of the sword is solid with the Roman Eagle on one side a wolf on the other.

Handle: The handle of the sword is fitted for fingers. Laced in the handle are three steel rings securing the handle. The pommel of the sword is another solid piece and has more detailed patterns. As well as being decorative the pommel also gives this sword almost perfect balance.

- Length: +/-  45 cm
- Material: Metal, Steel
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.

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By Paul william Hayes

This item is a wolf tang. The tang has a hole punched at the base and has a large bolt spot welded to it extending the tang to the end of the pummel , Hilt is hollow. The whole thing looks and feels very good , balance of the blade is two fingers Infront of the guard . Scabbard is tight fitting so the blade won't jump around or fall out if held upside down. All in all I'm very happy with this purchase it has everything it needs to survive my bush crafting endeavours ( fill the hilt with a resin first )

Posted on 06-10-2022
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