DEMON SLAYER - Kyojuro Rengoku sword v2 - Red Nichirin Katana

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€ 101,50

High Quality Demon Slayer replica of the Red Nichirin sword wielded by Kyojuro Rengoku.

Shipped directly from Europe
Size: +/-102 cm
Material: Steel/metal
Not sharp

All items purchased from this shop are not sharp and for decorational/cosplay purpose only


The universe of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga series and its animated counterpart have introduced us to some of the most iconic swords. Many collectors often choose to showcase these swords as the focal point of their replica blade collection.

Step into the dark and vibrant world of the Demon Slayer with Otaku Ninja Hero meticulously crafted replica of Kyojuro Rengoku's iconic sword. This collector's masterpiece pays homage to the Flame Hashira's powerful weapon, capturing the essence of his unwavering resolve and intense combat style.


Kyojuro Rengoku’s Red Nichirin Katana Replica Design

Otaku Ninja Hero’s commitment to authenticity shines through in every detail. The sword's design faithfully replicates Kyojuro's original weapon, ensuring a true-to-series collector's item.

Kyojuro Rengoku's katana is renowned for its Flame Hashira theme, featuring a red Nichirin Blade. The vibrant red color symbolises the intensity of the flames and the fiery determination of the Flame Hashira to eradicate demons. The blade features a matte black color along the back length and a deep red depicting rising flames on the edge of the sword. The red colour covers more than half of the width, and near the blade collar, the Japanese phrase for “Destroyer of Demons” is written in black. The overall dark coloration of the blade contrasts beautifully with the light hues used in the hilt and scabbard, presenting a very dynamic katana design.  

The design of Kyojuro Rengoku's sword hilt is not only practical but also includes a distinctive tsuba that pays homage to his awe-inspiring fire-breathing technique. The katana hilt has a plain white covering that completely covers the handle. The blade is set inside an orange-coloured collar that sits gracefully in the middle of a distinct flame-shaped tsuba. The tsuba has a bright yellow flame centre surrounded by a thick black edge, which is further outlined by an orange edge that matches the simple orange-coloured pommel at the end of the hilt.

The Otaku Ninja Hero Kyojuro Rengoku's Replica Red Nichirin Katana set comes with a white Nichirin scabbard. Its minimalist yet striking design features black lines artfully arranged in a diagonal pattern, accompanied by an orange locket and chape. The scabbard's decoration goes around its whole length and breadth, giving the katana an authentic look.

Otaku Ninja Hero Kyojuro Rengoku Red Nichirin Katana Replica brings to life the intensity and passion of one of the Demon Slayer's most beloved characters. Whether you are a dedicated fan or a collector of exquisite blades, this replica is a testament to the legacy of KyojuroRengoku and the everlasting battle against the forces of darkness.


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By Roxane Strop

I bought this as a Bday gift for my BF who's a huge DS/Rengoku fan. I love the series as well so I'm for sure getting one for myself as well later (don't know which one yet :-)

Posted on 17-01-2024
By Ryan Vonk

Het is een hele goede katana eigenlijk een 4.8 want hij is prachtig zwaar maar niet te zwaar en mooi maar 1 tegen punt er zitten wat vlekken (verf) soms heb je wat stukken niks en soms veel maar daar naast heel mooi een echte aanrader!!

Posted on 09-12-2022
By SIGBizzle

Very well made sword, and good for it's price! The guard is also metal, which I didn't know until it arrived. It's very accurate to Rengoku's sword in the show! I love that the scabbard is wrapped in leather material and the design is perfect! The handle is also leather strips, which makes it feel awesome to hold, as does the weight of the sword. Not too light, but just enough weight to feel proper as you wield it. The only thing that stops it from getting a full 5 stars (I would give it 4.5 if I could) is the few bits of paint chipping on the guard and some paint splodges on one side of the blade. But they are very minor and only in those two spots from what I could see, so its still worth the money personally. Would definitely buy from here again!

Posted on 29-09-2022
By S. P.

Can't believe how fast it was delivered only 5 days! Sword is of great quality will definitely buy here again and recommending this shop to my friends!

Posted on 06-05-2022
By Jennifer

Kwam erg snel (waarvoor dank), ook het zwaard is erg mooi, tevreden klant ;)

Posted on 27-04-2022
By jens Elpers

it is a amazing sword and very cool details, best website for anime related stuf

Posted on 05-04-2022
By Bossman

Really high quality, great materials, just an overall amazing blade!

Posted on 30-03-2022
By Nico Wäger

Really high quality, great materials, just an overall amazing blade!

Posted on 30-03-2022
By Sheamus

Received this the other day. Lovely quality. Highly recommend.

Posted on 05-03-2022
By ShaBen01

Magnifique, j'ai reçu le katana dans un très bonne état avec aucun défaut tout est parfait. Merci !

Posted on 29-11-2021
By ShaBen01

Magnifique, j'ai reçu le katana dans un très bonne état avec aucun défaut tout est parfait. Merci !

Posted on 29-11-2021
By Marcello Gianni Sechi

Approximately a week to arrive , the sword was in great condition and is exactly what I i expected to be , an amazing katana with the beautiful details of the character, absolutely love it.

Posted on 24-05-2021
By ewekul1

It arrived very Quick and in great condition i love how it's made

Posted on 05-02-2021
By ewekul1

It arrived pretty Quick and in great condition i love how it's made

Posted on 05-02-2021
4.95 stars based on 14 reviews
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