LORD OF THE RINGS - Anduril - Sword of Aragorn with sheath

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The sword of an equally powerful wielder, this 'Flame of the West,' belonged to King Aragorn II from the Lord of the Rings franchise. This mighty sword had killed the evillest beings of Middle Earth and is undisputedly the most formidable gear of Lord of the Rings.


The dual-edged Elvish longsword was reforged by master elves of Rivendell from the shards of Narsil and used by Aragorn II. It is one of the mightiest swords in the franchise and the most widely sought after by fans.

Our replica of the powerful Anduril sword is a carbon copy of the original and is built to perfection. This formidable sword has been crafted with particular attention to detail and is a vision. A dream for hard-core fans of the franchise, the blade of this authentic replica is made of stainless steel that glistens and gleams from miles away. With Elvish runes and the symbol of the Seven Stars engraved in the long groove that runs down the spine, this sword will leave even the staunchest of critics, awestruck.

The dual-edged sword sports a straight blade with an angulated tip. The crossguard of Aragorn II's sword is straight and metallic, resembling the crossguards of swords from the Eastern European era. The handle is bonded with faux leather that not only provides you with comfort but elevates the aesthetics of the sword. The rounded metallic pommel completes the look of this arm.

It may look simple, but don't let it deceive you; it has slain some of the most vicious beings of Middle Earth. Destined for royalty, the majestic blade of the King of Gondor belonged to Aragorn II. It was a trusty arm in his tremendous journey and weathered all storms with its wielder.

Together, with the mystical scabbard that would prevent it from damage and breaking, fans of the franchise must get their hands on this blade.


This highly demanded sword from the franchise is a collector's item. This beautiful sword is unparalleled in build and style. With runes and symbols of the Seven Stars on the blade, it mimics the real sword and its powers and is a valuable addition to your equally exquisite collection. The mighty sword that mutilated Sauron's finger and chopped off the ring can be your possession. This precious arm that could conjure The Dead Men and overturn the odds in seconds, is bound to bring you good luck. It is truly worthy of a mantle to showcase this beast proudly. Whether used as an adornment or for cosplay, it will elevate the overall aesthetics.


- Length: 131 cm
- Material: Metal, Stainless Steel
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades and are for decorational purposes only

- Engraved



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By Albert

Incredible quality on this product and very fast delivery. Amazing detail on all parts of the sword: the blade, the handle, the crossguard as well as the sheath! Really nice and strong metal as well, accidently cut a hole in the wall with the sword.... Overall astonishing replica of Andúril, the sword of Aragorn. Buy this to any Lord of The Rings fan or any guy interested in medieval history and he'll be absolutely amazed by this. A few small scratches here and there on the sword that bugged me a little at first but not enough to spoil this masterpiece for me, 10/10

Posted on 10-01-2023
By Steven Rimmer

Absolutely perfect ! Quality sword, delivery excellent and communication spot on ! Will definately order again!

Posted on 10-12-2022

Très beau produit, je suis sous le charme. Arrivé très vite. très satisfait

Posted on 20-10-2022
By Kerri

Bought this sword for my boyfriend- it's amazing! It came so fast and it has amazing detail! It was much heavier and better quality than I was expecting! Overjoyed! Thank you!

Posted on 29-05-2022
By Shawn O’Leary

Beautifull sword, love the deep engraving, a stunning piece worthy for any LOTR dungeon :D

Posted on 16-11-2021
By Sheamus

Received today. Beautiful sword. Quick delivery. Great replica. I have been very impressed with every replica I have got from this site but this one is great.

Posted on 30-09-2021
By Aimee

Honestly I'm in awe with this sword! As other reviews have said the photos dont so it justice: super shiny metal, amazing attention to detail with the engravings on the blade etc. Super quick delivery too, I orrdered on a Sunday and it arrived by the Wednesday (I live in the UK). Would 100% recommend

Posted on 26-11-2020
By Shannon Brown

Love it! The picture doesn’t do it justice! Can’t wait for my partner to open it on Christmas! Definitely worth the money Thankyou

Posted on 22-11-2020
By Krysztian O.

Bardzo szybka dostawa, towar zgodnie z opisem

Posted on 01-05-2020
By Angelina

It's a really well made and good quality sword. We're all big LOTRs fans in my family and everyone was saying how gorgeous it is. The photo honestly doesn't do it as much justice as it deserves

Posted on 29-04-2020
By Julien

Superbe épée Anduril. Plus belle encore que sur les photos.
Très belles gravures Elfique. Elle est énorme! Très heureux de mon achat.
D'autre achat du même film bientôt!

Posted on 22-04-2020
By Barry

Top of the line! Class A product, I am very much happy!

Posted on 10-01-2020
By Barry

Class A product! Good quality for a good price!

Posted on 10-01-2020
By Dominique

This sword is really nice and shiny, better then i expected, the picture really doesn't do it juctice.

Posted on 16-08-2019
By Gustav

Wenn mein Budget es zulassen würde, dann würde ich alles von eurem Shop kaufen! Ist nicht das erste Produkt gewesen, dass ich bestellt habe :D

Posted on 20-06-2019
By Angelique, NL

Harstikke gaaf, gewoonweg af!

Posted on 08-06-2018
5 stars based on 16 reviews
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