LORD OF THE RINGS - Frodo Elven sword - Sting 61 cm

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A magical sword given to Frodo Baggins by his uncle Bilbo, the original Ringbearer. It is up to Frodo and his trusty friend, Samwise, to cast the Ring back into the fires of Mount Doom from whence it came. Bilbo gives Sting, a sword made by Elves in an age long past, to Frodo to serve him on his harrowing journey. Bilbo carried Sting with him when he originally aquired the Ring from Gollum on his quest with the dwarves and Gandalf to the Lonely Mountain to defeat the dragon Smaug. Sting's blade glows blue when Orcs are near. Engraved on the blade and cross guard are runes in the Elven language of Sindarin that say "Maegnas aen estar nin dagnir in yngyl im" which translates to "Maegnas is my name, I am the spider's bane."

- Replica sword from the movie Lord of the Rings, Frodo's elven sword Sting
- Length: +/-61 cm
- Material: Metal with beautifull elven engravings
- All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.



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By Ediz

Just a little disappointed with this product - compared to the overall amazing quality of other pieces.

Posted on 10-12-2021
By Sheamus Barry

Received this today. Its nice but I expected better as every product I have bought from this site has always been great quality. But the blade and handle on this felt very flimsy in comparison to other swords I've gotten from this site.

Posted on 04-12-2021
By matthew

great weapon and good delivery. the only downside is the handle, its quality isn't what I expected but otherwise, a great sword

Posted on 02-09-2020
By Anonymous

Great replica, a must buy for and Lotr or The hobbit fan. Great for money.

Posted on 24-07-2020
By Ravi

nice Sting replica! did not expect such good quality sword and ingraving

Posted on 02-05-2020
By Juliofernandez

It’s a great sword :)) was very fast here to Spain

Posted on 10-04-2020
By Leentje verelst

Dankjeeweelllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 28-03-2020
By simon stokes

Quick review .This sword is excellent value for money.It's an accurate replica and both sword and scabbard are realistic and high quality.Only thing is handle should be brown with gold markings but this could easily be painted by customer.Good sword for the money.

Posted on 10-03-2020
By Trent Davies

Good quality, girlsfriend was happy so im happy:)

Posted on 14-02-2020
By Tanya Philipsen

Fine sword, but a little disappointed that the shaft and sheath is made out of plastic.

Posted on 12-12-2019

Cette Réplique est excellente! comme dans le Cinema LOTR.
J adore!
J'ai réçu le Sting apès 2 jours.

Posted on 12-08-2019
By Jose Luiz Nunes

Fantastic replica!!! I bought one in Comic Con Lisbon 2018 Event and this referencial fantasy sword is really special!

Posted on 08-09-2018
4.4 stars based on 12 reviews
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