ONE PIECE - Katana of Roronoa Zoro - Enma V2 - Limited Haki Edition

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Exclusive at Otaku Ninja Hero, custom colored Purple version of Enma

Detailed replica of the new Katana from Roronoa Zoro, Enma with Haki from the Anime One Piece

- Length: +/- 103cm
- Blade Length: +/- 70cm
- Material Blade: Stainless Steel
- Wooden Sheath
- Not Sharp
- Shipped from Europe

All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades and are for decoration purposes only

Enma is one of the 21 O Wazamono grade swords.
It was once wielded by Kozuki Oden alongside his other sword, Ame no Habakiri, and is one of the two only weapons known to have ever injured Kaido.
After Oden's death, Enma was inherited by his daughter, Kozuki Hiyori.
Hiyori would later gift the sword to Roronoa Zoro in exchange for the latter allowing Shusui, a national treasure, to remain in Wano.
This limited edition version is where Zoro uses his Haki in the fight against King


The "Katana of Roronoa Zoro - Enma V2 - Limited Haki Edition" is a detailed and exclusive replica that captures the essence of Zoro's legendary sword. This limited edition is not just a replica; it's a tribute to the "One Piece" universe and the formidable power of Roronoa Zoro.

The Enma V2 Limited Haki Edition measures approximately 103 cm in length, with a 70 cm blade made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and an authentic feel. The sword has a wooden sheath, adding to its traditional aesthetic and appeal.

In many ways, this katana is a sign of Roronoa Zoro's strength and his journey in the "One Piece" series. The intricate design and craftsmanship reflect the artistry and power of this legendary weapon. The attention to detail in replicating the sword's appearance, especially its custom-colored purple version, makes it a striking piece for display or collection.

The Enma V2 is the key to the "One Piece" world, which is why every fan wants to own it.It represents the samurai spirit of Kozuki Oden and the formidable skill of Roronoa Zoro, mainly when he uses his Haki in battle. Owning this replica is like holding a piece of "One Piece" history, a testament to Zoro's journey and battles.

Whether you're a fan of "One Piece," a collector of anime memorabilia, or someone who appreciates the art of Japanese swordsmanship, this katana is an ideal addition to your collection. Its authentic design and attention to detail make it a standout piece.



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By Enna Ojala

I was hesitant to order at first, but everything went well and I'm actually surprised by the quality! The product is very well made!

Posted on 11-04-2024
By Gillian

Finally found this amazing version of the Enma. Bought it immediately It's the best !

Posted on 14-03-2024
By Tony

awesome in all categories } Don't hesitate and get one !

Posted on 04-03-2024
By Fared

I am pretty happy with the sword , love the great details on the sword as well. Definitely recommend this, and it's not expensive for what you get

Posted on 17-01-2024
By Finn Makkenart

I love the attention to details. I couldn't be happier :-) I also want to thank the team for the fast service and quick replies to my mails. Will come back for more purchases :-)

Posted on 11-01-2024
5 stars based on 5 reviews
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