DEMON SLAYER - Tanjiro Kamado Sword v2 - Fire Breath - Black Nichirin Katana

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€ 101,50

Replica of the popular anime Demon Slayer, This is the 2nd version of the Black Nichirin Blade wielded by Tanjiro Kamado
Size: +/-102 cm
Material: Steel/metal
Not sharp

All items purchased from this shop are not sharp and for decorational/cosplay purpose only


Otaku Ninja Hero proudly unveils an exquisite replica of Tanjiro Kamado's renowned sword, the Fire Breath Black Nichirin Katana. This outstanding decorative katana seamlessly merges the artistic allure of anime swords with high-quality replica weaponry production. This meticulously forged Nichirin Katana is an exceptional masterpiece for all loyal members of the Demon Slayer fandom.


Design of Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado’s Fire Breath, Black Nichirin Katana

Otaku Ninja Hero pays homage to the iconic Nichirin blade used by the brave and fiery main character of the Demon Slayer series, Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro won this blade after going through a series of brutal battles against supernatural forces set on annihilating the world, and his blade played a vital role in his victories. The Fire Breath Black Nichirin Katana replica accurately reproduces the distinguished traits of the original sword, emanating its tenacious aura.

This fire-breath Nichirin blade boasts a unique design, featuring a silver back complemented by a black edge. Particularly noteworthy are the silver fang-like patterns sinking from the silver back into the dark edge. This jagged design adds to the overall sense of mystery and impending doom. To give the blade surface an authentic touch, the word “slay” in Japanese script is painstakingly painted to resemble its original counterpart.

The hilt of the sword is intricately designed to harmonise aesthetic appeal with efficient and safe use. The katana proudly showcases a traditional Japanese wrap, adorned with a black cord bearing red diamond-shaped cutouts. The plain wrap in the middle enhances the tsuka for a comfortable and secure hold. The tsuba, also known as a handguard, is an intricately designed component that not only reinforces the sword's structure but also has an interesting story associated with it.

The tsuba has an unusual design that resembles flames, and it features a striking orange core that encircles the blade collar, creating an eye-catching visual effect. The flame shape is further highlighted by a noticeable outline in black and red, adding to the overall style with fiery elements. The unconventional design brings a distinctive and visually enthralling element to the katana, setting it apart from the usual sword designs. 

The scabbard is finished in a deep black with subtle silver accents for the chape and locket. This creates a striking contrast to the dark aesthetics of the katana and serves as the perfect finishing touch. Otaku Ninja Heroreplica Fire Breath Black Nichirin Katana captures the artistic and intricate designs of the authentic sword, bringing the Demon Slayer experience right into the fans' hands.


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By Nick

This Tanjiro sword is seriously awesome ! The attention to detail and craftsmanship are top-notch ! Thank you

Posted on 14-06-2023
By Nicolás

The sword arrived in time and came really nice packadged, the details on the blade look just like on the pictures. The Katana has a decent weight and lays very nice in the hand. Also the blade is made out of metal and not sharp what makes it really good for cosplay and as decoration. Its definetly worth the money and I could imagine to buy some other katanas or swords in this shop :)

Posted on 06-03-2022
By Porcher

Sabre de bonne qualité pour décoration mais pas pour l’utilisation

Posted on 05-03-2022
By Dennis Schiffer

Habe heute mein Katana erhalten und ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Katana. Die Qualität ist einfach einsame Spitze. Sehr schöne ausgearbeitete Details und auch sehr detailgetreu der Serie nach gemacht.
Ich werde mir noch viele weitere Katanas von dieser Seite hier bestellen und ich hoffe ich werde in Zukunft nicht enttäuscht was die Qualität usw. angeht. In dem Sinne von mir volle Punktzahl (5 Sterne)

Posted on 15-12-2021
By Amy

Heel mooi zwaard. Mooie details en heel goede kwaliteit.

Posted on 04-12-2021
By Dio

Das schwert kam nut in 3 tagen an!
Es ist sehr schön. Es ist aber auch schwer xD. Leider hat das schwert painting mistakes auf der Klinge. Sonst ist alles schön. Das feuer “amulet” ist metall so wie der scheiden ende.
Sehr zufrieden

Posted on 28-09-2021
By Justin Kaluza

Sehr schön verarbeitete Klinge, das Tsuka ist auch sehr gut Verarbeitet.
Werde mir hier auf jeden Fall nochmal was bestellen

Posted on 07-06-2021
By Bastien

Arrivée très rapide et en très bon état. Lame de qualité, fourreau et support également. Plus que satisfait !

Posted on 21-05-2021
By Indigo.D.Soul

Got this complete my Tanjiro outfit for the next anime-con. But as a display piece, definitely showcase the blade as it's intricate design we'll leave your guests stunned to see such a beautiful design.

Posted on 03-02-2021
By Genis Krasniqi

Sehr gutes Katana.
Es ist sehr schnell angekommen und die Qualität ist einsame Spitze.
Ich werde bestimmt nochmal hier bestellen.

Posted on 28-01-2021
By Madelen

I got Tanjiro's nichirin blade for Christmas and I absolute love it! The quality of the blade is stunning and the details is gorgeous. The blade has some weight to it which makes it really nice to hold. The blade itself is so pretty with the black details, which really takes me back to the manga itself. Overall an amazing collectable and outstanding quality!

Posted on 30-12-2020
4.8 stars based on 11 reviews
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