THE WITCHER 3 - Silver Rune Sword of Geralt of Rivia 3

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The Silver sword with rune engravings of Geralt of Rivia from the popular game/series The Witcher.

Material: High quality stainless steel and leather sheath.
Length: +/- 126cm
All items purchased from this shop are not sharp and for decorational/cosplay purpose only


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By Duncan

Very good one, It feels solid and weighty in the hand, I got it really fast and was in perfect condition. Delivered the next day in the UK

Posted on 12-02-2024
By Stefan

Die Seite ist extrem gut, und sehr schnell was das liefern angeht, die Qualität ist perfekt mich freut Mich das ich mein Schwert bei euch bestellet habe, und werde es wieder tun wen Ich noch ein brauche, kann Ich nur jedem empfehlen wer sich ein Schwert kaufen möchte mit einer guten Qualität dann ist diese Seite genau die richtige!

Posted on 06-04-2022
By Scott Meyrick

Just arrived today this sword is my second purchase off this site and can honestly say I love it outstanding replicas. Definitely buy more off you in the future ☺️

Posted on 11-03-2022
By Mihai Baron

This is my second time buying from here and you guys amazed me one again, the material and handle is so bloody perfect thx. ( bought Silver Rune Sword of Geralt of Rivia 3)

Posted on 04-02-2022
By Lionel

Épée de très belle qualité ! Avec un délai de livraison très rapide ! Je la recommande à tout fan du sorceleur !

Posted on 14-01-2022
By Jonathan Kisner

First time buying swords, and I gotta say I was very happy with my purchases, bought a total of 3 Witcher swords from you guys. Great quality, no issues, and well worth the price. Awesome!

Posted on 18-08-2020
By India

Purchased for my brother's birthday, we're all big Witcher fans in my family so it seemed like the perfect gift for him. I've just received the sword within a few days of purchase and I am very impressed with the quality aswell as the speed of delivery (especially with coronavirus limitations). The detail on the sword and scabbard is so gorgeous, I'm very tempted to buy myself one.
Only thing i was a little disappointed with was how tight the scabbard seemed to be, it's a bit too snug so it is quite difficult to pull out but overall fantastic quality and I would definitely recommend one of these swords to any Witcher fan!

Posted on 05-08-2020
By James Harris

The sword was seriously good, it was well made and looked gorgeous and especially for the price it's just amazing. The shipping was fantastic I got a tracking number straight away and the order was dispatched quickly. I would highly recommend.

Posted on 14-05-2020
By Joe Murphy

I could not be more delighted with this magnificently made sword, I'm very happy with the amount of detail put on the handle and hand guard as well as the scabbard.
Quite possibly one of the best quality items I have in my possession at this moment in time.
Absolutely amazing 15/10

Posted on 11-02-2020
By Michael

Easily one of the best swords i have had the pleasure of owning so much detail and definitely worth every penny i will definitely buy from here again for all my sword needs.

Posted on 11-01-2020
By Edgar Goulas

I am actually amazed from the quality of this sword! Also the quality and the details of the scabbard are really impressive, for a price like this, there is no way you’ll find any better!!!
Also the delivery took less than a week!

Posted on 11-01-2020
By Hannah

I fullfilled myself a childhood dream with the purchase of a sword plus I´m a huge Witcher-Fan ever since I´ve read the first book years ago. I devoured all things Witcher, the books multiple times, the games (even the barely playable one) and of course the new series. I found this sword and I knew if it looked anything like the pictures it´d be the perfecet one. So I bought and eagerly awaited the delivery - which was very fast and without any problems, so a huge plus there - and was nervous because I´m very picky and sceptic when it comes to fandoms. But what can I say - the sword is absolutely fantastic and marvelous and I love it. The details are stunning and every bit as beautiful as the pictures show. It also has a good weight to it and is really well balanced.

So all in all it is just perfect and I can recommend it to everyone who likes swords and the Witcher. Really a perfect 10/10

Posted on 09-01-2020
By Clare Brown

As this was the first time I had purchased from this company I was unsure what to expect but from now on I will not think twice! The communications were excellent. I knew what was happening every step of the way. The item arrived quickly, an achievement in itself as I ordered this over the Christmas period!. The item itself was extremely well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.

The quality and, craftsmanship and attention to detail of this sword is faultless. For a replica it is surprisingly well balanced too and feels good in the hand.

Posted on 07-01-2020
By Hugo Justik

Very nice replica of the in game sword, I can't really tell you the type of steel used (most likely stainless) which is good for collectors. Seems to be a 1:1 the runes are good quality can be seen clearly, nothing seems to be moving on its own so it might even be a full tang sword.
Now as far as the blade goes its blunt for obvious reasons, the weight of the sword is balanced about 2 inches in front of the cross guard as it should be, I didn't weigh the sword but its neither too heavy nor too light (keep in mind its not a battle ready replica its a collectors item).
I am very pleased with the sword, most people expect a battle ready sword on every page they see, but this is a very precise looking replica of the in game sword with good weight, good pommel engraving, fuller and cross guard all look very nice for a collectors item.
You definitely get what you pay for :)

Posted on 31-12-2019
By Sagar

Pretty great, absolute fell in love with it. It's got a good weight to it, though I believe it's more for decorations than role-playing or whatnot.

Posted on 08-11-2019
By Sorin

Great quality replica sword!

My mind was blown when i saw the detail when i unboxed this sword and after holding it and swinging it around a bit i can say that it has good weight and is very robust. Wouldn't recommend actually using it for sparing or hitting things with it as it is a stainless steel decorative sword.

I can definitely recommend this sword to any collector! 10/10

Posted on 31-10-2019
5 stars based on 16 reviews
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